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Voices of Aberg Center: Sarah Walls

Sarah Walls

This is my first semester with Aberg and actually, my first time as a true teacher. I was not sure where to start. So we jumped in with pages from books, some of my kids’ favorites: Matilda, Holes, Magic Tree House and Shel Silverstein poetry. I was looking for anything that might be interesting. We have talked about contractions, cognates and idioms but our focus is reading; just plain reading, so that is what we are doing.  It is not always important to understand every word completely in a story; if you just keep going you will usually understand. I brought in enough Magic Tree House books for everyone to take one home to read when they had time. When they finish one, they trade and keep going. One student chose to read Charlotte’s Web on her own. I am so proud!

We started out all reading together for pronunciation, then one sentence per person and then changed to one page per person around the table. We finished Alice in Wonderland in a few days and then in one amazing day, two hours of class, we read the Adventures of Tom Sawyer. We paused occasionally to make sure everyone understood the story or for pronunciation and after a break we went over words that they had written down for better understanding. They loved the story and the suspense kept us moving to see what happened next. Thank you, Mark Twain.

We will stick to the classics for a few weeks and see where we go next. Reading is an adventure to enjoy.

- Sarah Walls