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Voices of Aberg Center: Vibol Sok

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Vibol Sok and I grew up in Cambodia. I went to school at Battanbang Town. I finished my High School Diploma in 1990. I started to learn English with my friend when I was fifteen years old. My family is in Cambodia. I have so many people; My parents my sister and brother are all very nice to me. My husband and I, with our three sons, moved to the United States in 2004. I live in Dallas. I’ve been lucky to meet Maria here and to find the Aberg Center.

I am a cashier at Seven Eleven store. I really don’t like my job or the people I work with because they are all discriminatory. When I started to work the first day the manager never trained me or told me how to handle in position of cashier, so it is very hard for me when I have trouble with the register I ask the lady who works with me but she never explains or show me the correct way she always says you are new you don’t need to ask me about the reasons. She tells me to go fill up the cooler, mop the floor, clean the restroom. Sometimes she makes a mistake herself, but she tells the manager I did it, so the crazy manager always believes her. Sometimes I try to explain to him, but he says you cool down and don’t fight with her. If you are fighting with her, they will fire you from the job. I think that unfair for me. In the future, I will find a new job that I like, a special job in a hospital. I look forward to getting a new job soon.

-Vibol Sok